My zip file is showing as corrupted when I try to extract, what should I do?

Firstly, please ensure that the file has downloaded in full before extracting, by comparing its size with the original size of the download that your browser displays.

Please ensure that you are extracting the file correctly:

Mac users:
- Double click on the file and the extraction process will begin automatically - you don't need any additional software to extract files on Mac

PC Users:
- Download a free version of WinRAR software
- Install the extracting software
- Right click on the downloaded file and select ‘Extract Here’


On rare occasion, you may see an error if you are trying to extract a zip that was created on a Mac system. If you followed the steps above, using Windows system and still see an error - this may be the case. Please try using WinRar to repair the archive. Right click on the zip file and navigate to 'Repair Archive'. This process should fix a Mac created zip and allow you to extract on a PC. If problem persists - please contact our support team. 

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