What are the different types of sound packs Prime Loops offer?

We offer state-of-the-art, high definition, and up-to-date sound library products such as:

Sample packs / Sound libraries

A sample library is a collection of digital sound recordings known as samples. These can range from single-hit sounds, so called one-shots, loops or even complete song kits with stems. Samples are audio files. The most widely used audio format is WAV but there are other audio formats like AIFF, Apple Loops or REX that we stock at Prime Loops.

Construction Kit

Construction kits, or song kits, contain full arrangements in the form of stems, or loops, that users can re-arrange in their DAW creating a song on the fly. All audio files and samples from each song kit would work together in terms of tempo and key.

Synth presets

Synth presets or patches contain collections of settings for specific software or hardware synthesizers. Presets are a great way of learning how synthesizers are programmed to achieve different timbres and types of sound.

Sampler Patches

Sampler patches are designed for specific sampler instruments. Some of the most popular virtual samplers are: NI Kontakt, Logic’s EXS24 or Halion. A sampler patch consists of an organised collection of audio samples along with configuration information that makes the samples playable and modifiable using MIDI signals.

DAW templates

Template or project file products contain complete song arrangements designed for specific DAWs. Templates usually consist of a selection of pre-arranged audio samples, MIDI tracks and synth.

MIDI files

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and is a protocol developed to allow synthesizers and MIDI enabled devices and software to communicate with one another. MIDI files are pure data; they don’t contain audio resulting in especially small file sizes. They carry event messages, which determine notes played, their pitch, duration and/or velocity. MIDI files can be imported into any DAW for easy modification and the melodies or rhythms they contain can be played back with synths of your own choosing giving you extra flexibility.

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