What are the different types of sound packs Prime Loops offer?

Sample Packs - A sample library can range from single-hit sounds, one-shots, loops or even complete song kits with stems. All samples at Prime Loops are delivered in WAV format. Here's a breakdown of what we offer:

  • Loops - Generally 4-8 Bars. Loops can be seamlessly repeated indefinitely creating a continuous musical pattern.  
  • Construction Kits - Mini-arrangements that users can re-arrange in their music production software, to create a song on the fly, with all samples from each song kit working together in terms of tempo and key. 
  • Stems - A full song, broken down into its parts (kick, snare, bass, melody, etc.) into full, song length loops.
  • One-shots - A collection of single sound hits, for example, a kick drum hit or a single bass note. 
  • Drum Kits - A collection of one-shots, separated into folders of kicks, snare drums, hi-hats, percussion, etc. Great to drag and drop into a sampler, such as an MPC or Maschine to create your own loops with.
  • MIDI Melodies - Event messages, which determine notes played, their pitch, duration and/or velocity.  These melodies can be easily modified and played back with synths of your own choosing.  
  • Bundles - A collection of sample packs in one big package; a great way to add to your sample library with big savings.
  • Synth Presets - Collections of pre-made settings for specific software synthesizers.
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