What License Types do Prime Loops offer?

We offer two types of license:

  • 100% Royalty-Free: This gives you, the customer, the right to use our music loops & samples in your original music projects and release them commercially without the need to pay royalties or license fees to us, ever!
  • Sample Clearance Guaranteed: You may use any sample solely for music production on your own personal projects or release through a "Minor Label" without any additional obligation to us or the sample owner.
    In the event that your track gets a major label release, qualifying independent label release, major placement or any minor release that exceeds one million streams across major platforms; you must contact us promptly to seek guaranteed clearance for use of the sample or samples. There will be 50/50 split of any Advances/Producer Royalty/Publishing and Co-Producer credit wherever permits.
  • Use of these sounds is limited to use within original musical compositions. If you want to use any of our individual samples or sound effects in games, apps, software, multi-media applications, etc. then please contact us (business enquiries only) here.

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